What it does: The website ranks airlines from 10 (highest) to zero (lowest), based on Twitter mentions of airline Twitter handles. The latest tweets for represented airlines are shown.

What's hot: You'll see myriad tips, gripes, and gushing statements, depending on what is happening in the skies when you look at the site. I particularly liked the tweets that showed photos - such as one of a Singapore Airlines flight attendant helping a child into a seat, and a selfie of a happy traveler on JetBlue. Travel tips both good and bad are available if you click on the name of the airline and see its latest tweets. My favorite tips were flight deals I found while sifting through tweets about Virgin America. As you can imagine, the lower the airline rating, the more humorous - or angry - the tweets can get. Happy flying - I mean snooping.

What's not: The website might want to add a warning about adult language. When I was browsing the tweets about the worst airlines of the week, I found a few curse words I wouldn't want my daughter to read. That said, I was chuckling.