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A Pajamas warming pouch

The Pajamas Warming Pouch gets jammies nice and toasty for bedtime.
The Pajamas Warming Pouch gets jammies nice and toasty for bedtime.Read morePajamas Warming Pouch

Posh hotels often provide heated towel racks so you can step out of the shower into cozy warmth for drying off.  Now, you can recreate that toasty comfort wherever you roam just by sliding your towel or pajamas or even socks or gloves into the electric Pajamas Warming Pouch. Just plug the cord into a standard wall outlet and in about 10 minutes the integrated heating elements will warm up whatever you have stashed in the 19-inch-by-15.5-inch red-fleece-covered sack.  The heating elements reach 118 degrees Fahrenheit  and the thermal satin interior retains the heat once the pouch has attained maximum warmth. The pouch folds in half for storage and weighs a mere 5 ounces.  What a cool way to avoid the chill, whether you're warming up pj's before slipping between the sheets or prewarming gloves or socks before stepping out into the cold. You can even use the pouch as a little heating pad under the covers.            .

Pajamas Warming Pouch is $39.95 at