Let's talk dirty  — as in backseat airplane pockets. It's a toss-up whether you should be more concerned about the germ-filled tissues and other detritus still lurking in those narrow depths even after a clean-up, or about accidentally leaving behind some essential item when you deplane.  You won't have to worry about either with the new AirPocket.

Designed to slip easily inside that worrisome plane pocket, the slim lightweight zippered black neoprene sleeve has seven internal compartments for organizing and cushioning everything from a smaller laptop or larger tablet computer to cellphones, eyeglasses, medications, snacks, documents, and anything else you want within reach during a flight.  Sandwiched between two spacious open internal sections is a flexible panel of five smaller red neoprene pouches. With a compact footprint of 12 inches wide by 10 inches high by 2 inches deep when empty, the top opens wide when unzipped, and all the internal sections stretch accommodatingly. An integrated red neoprene trolley sleeve lets you slip the AirPocket over a retractable luggage handle. Clip on the included adjustable strap and the AirPocket becomes a shoulder bag.

Though designed for airplane backseat pockets, the AirPocket works great as an organizer inside a tote or larger bag.

The AirPocket is $68 at www.theairpocket.com.