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SnowStoppers Nylon Mittens for Kids

SnowStoppers Nylon Mittens come in loads of colors.
SnowStoppers Nylon Mittens come in loads of colors.Read moreSnowStoppers Mittens

Children cling to so many of their possessions, but unfortunately not their mittens.  While bundling up little ones for the cold, is there a parent anywhere who has not had to ask the perennial question: "Where are your mittens?"

Or,  more commonly, "Where is the other mitten?"

Whether they slipped off, were yanked off, or, who knows? ran off, they're gone. Well, here come SnowStoppers Mittens for Kids, which won't so easily part with the little hands under their protection.  The secret's in the cuffs —  long acrylic knit cuffs that extend  up junior's arm and under his coat sleeves (easiest if you put the mittens on before the coat).  The stretchy cuffs stay put, add extra arm warmth, and keep snow from getting between the coat sleeve and the mittens. SnowStoppers are not waterproof, but they're reliably water-resistant, thanks to a high-tech barrier membrane sandwiched between the nylon outer shell and the polyester lining.  Forty-gram Thinsulate insulation provides warmth without a lot of bulk, so the child has more flexibility when building a snowman or pulling a sled. The  palms are reinforced with an extra tough-grip layer, and the mittens clip together when not in use.

SnowStoppers come in eight colors, from basic black or navy to bright purple, fuchsia, and lime green.  They are available in five sizes, from XS for infants 6 to 18 months old to XL for 7-  to 12-year-olds.  Because children's hand sizes vary, the website provides detailed measuring instructions as well as a printable size guide in the shape of a hand.  Note: the XS mittens for infants have no thumb section, making them easier to get on and off a little fusspot. SnowStoppers are great for a few hours play in moderate cold but won't be warm enough for an extended period in really frigid weather.

SnowStoppers Nylon Mittens for Kids are $16.95 per pair at