Attractive, well-mannered and respectful, Shondale, 16, enjoys playing sports, especially basketball, football and track. He also likes video games and spending time with his friends. When meeting new people, he can be shy, but he warms up when he becomes comfortable. An ambitious youth, he works part-time, runs on a community travel track team, and is a member of his school's choir.

A high school student, Shondale is working on improving his homework skills. He is also striving to express his emotions more effectively. Thinking about the future, he is determined to go to college and is exploring various subjects in which he might major.

Shondale has experienced many separations and losses in his young life and yearns to have a permanent home. He is very close to his older brother, Tyshon (profiled last week), who is in a separate foster-care placement, and they are hoping for a "forever family" that will accept both. These siblings would thrive with a patient, loving couple or single male or female, who could provide a structured environment and help them reach their potential.