Engaging, talkative, silly



are all words that describe Naomi, a healthy and personable 15-year-old. Like other girls her age, she delights in wearing the latest fashions and styling her hair. Other favorite activities include listening to music, dancing, and playing video games. Naomi is very knowledgeable about computer programs and enjoys doing PowerPoint presentations. A good billiards player, she is also adept at air hockey.

In school, Naomi receives special-education services and is doing well. She has experienced many separations and losses in her life. Through therapy, she is making progress in dealing with low self-esteem, reluctance to trust adults, and expressing her feelings effectively - issues resulting from the trauma in her past.

Naomi yearns to be adopted into a family that will love her and be patient with her as she strives to overcome her behavioral and emotional challenges. With the help and guidance of a "forever" family, this young lady can reach her potential as a creative, sensitive and caring adult. It would be best if she is the youngest or only child in the family. She is eligible for financial subsidy.