Although Lennette is only 15, this enterprising teenager already has definite plans for her future. "I want to go to law school and become an attorney," she says. She is confident that she will attain her goal. So is her social worker, who believes Lennette can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

In the meantime, Lennette is pursuing a variety of activities. Her favorite pastimes include swimming, playing outdoor games, watching television, reading mysteries and teen magazines, and spending time with friends. She also enjoys writing, which is therapeutic for her. Lennette does well in school and works hard to get all A's. She especially likes science projects and gym class.

Lennette has great potential, but she cannot reach it alone. She needs what all children need - the freedom to grow, to give and receive love, and to feel she belongs.

Lennette yearns to have a permanent family and knows what she wants. "I want a family that will be there for me and will support my dreams," she says. "I want them to believe in me." Lennette is eligible for financial support.