Energetic and animated, Asia, 14, delights in singing and dancing. She is very loving and caring and enjoys telling jokes to make others laugh. Like other teenagers, she takes pride in her appearance, picking just the right accessories and carefully styling her hair.

In the eighth grade, she is on the honor roll. She receives special education services and does well in a structured learning environment where she can proceed at her own pace. An avid reader, Asia particularly likes books about African American life. With her love of literature, it's not surprising that her favorite subject is language arts, and she enjoys writing stories. She dreams of being a teacher.

Asia yearns to be adopted. She has experienced much turbulence in her life and would benefit greatly from a patient, committed family that can give her the unconditional love, support and guidance she needs. She would do best in a family with a strong female role model who can help increase her self-esteem. Asia is very close to her siblings and it is important that they remain in contact. She is eligible for financial assistance.