Dr. Phil has been sticking his nose into some touchy issues in Philadelphia in recent days.

He's been trying to get the owners' of Pat's and Geno's to make peace.

And at 9 this morning, at Independence Mall, he's going to wade into the furor over the Eagles' signing of quarterback Michael Vick, who was convicted of running a gambling ring in which pit bulls were brutally killed.

"You don't need tickets. . . . Just come out," he said this morning during an interview on WIP (610 AM).

Gov. Rendell will be a guest, along with animal rights activists, as the show airs live in some markets. Here, it will run on CBS3 at 5 p.m.

The show will include part of a lengthy conversation with Eagles coach Andy Reid - a taped talk initiated by the Eagles, TV's best-known shrink revealed today.

"He obviously is a Michael Vick supporter. He was not against this at all," said Phil McGraw.

"He thinks Michael Vick is sincere. He thinks he's turned over a new leaf," he said.

"Wow!" exclaimed hyper morning show host Angelo Cataldi. "Andy Reid . . . won't talk to the [local news] media but he will talk to Dr. Phil!"

As for the cheesesteak wars, McGraw told Cataldi that the owners of Pat's and Geno's don't just think their sandwiches are superior to each other's.

"They feel that their product is superior to all other products in the universe," he said.

"I tried to get them to take a bite of each other's sandwich. They refused to do it!" he said.

They wouldn't even step on each other's property.

"I had to meet with them on neutral ground."