Burlington County law-enforcement authorities are seeking the public's help in identifying a man whose photograph was found in the computer of Marianne DeMartin, a Marlton woman who disappeared two years ago and is believed to have been murdered.

The man in the photo released yesterday is not considered a suspect.

His photo has been shown to the family, friends and business associates of DeMartin, a fashion retail manager who traveled extensively for her work. None of them has been able to say who the man is, according to authorities.

"We hope the public - someone - will recognize him," said Jack Smith, spokesman for the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office. "We're interested in identifying him."

The family of DeMartin, 52 at the time of her disappearance, last had contact with her the evening of Sept. 23, 2005. Her mother spoke with her by phone. They planned to meet the next day to do some last-minute shopping for a trip to Paris they were to make together a few days later.

Her family reported her missing Sept. 25, 2005, after trying without success to contact her. Her purse, cell phone, cigarettes and her dog, Sophie, were inside her home. Just a few days after that, her black 2001 Ford Mustang convertible was found at the Avian Plaza Shopping Center on Evesham Road in Voorhees.

Her blood was found in the trunk. DNA evidence believed to be the killer's also was obtained. A surveillance camera filmed a man parking her car next to a trash bin Sept. 26, 2005, at the center. The man got out and disappeared from the frame before coming back into view and walking away. The rear of the car was not visible.

Authorities have speculated the man may have taken DeMartin's body from the trunk and put it into the trash bin. The body has never been recovered.

Just as police released the contents of that video about a year ago, they released the photograph of the unknown man yesterday in the hopes of shedding some light on the case.

Meanwhile, DeMartin's family marked another painful anniversary.

"We're surviving," said Richard DeMartin, 81, of Cherry Hill, the victim's father. "It's not a pleasant thing, but we're surviving."

Marianne DeMartin, the oldest of five, was a successful, independent woman, twice divorced with no children, but close to her family. Her brother is taking care of her dog, the father said.

DeMartin said a security device connected to her door indicated that the door was used three times within an hour that morning. What that means, the family is not certain.

Once again, they're hoping someone with some information will come forward, said her father, a retired electrical supply executive.

"Closure," he said, "would be great."

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