Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik, rushed to a Lehigh Valley hospital Tuesday when he began experiencing a shortage of breath, a drop in blood pressure and feeling faint, is conscious, communicating and is as "feisty as ever," according to his son-in-law, Ken Safarowic.

Contrary to rumors that were swirling yesterday, Safarowic said Bednarik, 85, "did not have a heart attack and is not on life support."

"Those were some of the things I was getting hit with today," Safarowic said. "Really, he was just tired."

He said Bednarik, a Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker/center who starred on the Eagles' 1949 and '60 NFL championship teams, still was undergoing tests and doctors had yet to arrive at a diagnosis. He added that Bednarik has no ongoing conditions and he is "about as healthy as you can be at this stage" and doctors have determined his heart is OK.

"I was with him over the weekend and he was fine," Safarowic said.

He said Bednarik probably will remain hospitalized at least another day, but "he's going to cold-cock someone if they don't let him out soon . . . He was angry that he could not go to Mass today. Lying around at this stage of the game does not agree with him."