Still. Counting.

In short, it’s still too early to call the presidential race. And Pennsylvania is at the center of it.

The most important thing to know right now: You’re waking up without a clear winner. And, that’s because millions of ballots have yet to be counted in critical states, including Pennsylvania.

Now, let’s get caught up on the details.

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Pennsylvania’s unprecedented pandemic election went ‘remarkably smoothly.’ Now all that’s left is counting votes.

Mail voting, new in-person voting, and changes to traditional polling places drastically changed how Pennsylvanians cast their ballot. But it all seems to have run relatively smoothly in the Keystone State.

Voter turnout in Pennsylvania could break 2016′s record of 6.1 million votes. Though deeply divided, it does appear that voters agree on one thing: they want this election to be over.

Unfortunately, they may have to wait a bit, especially for a presidential winner.

Votes are still being counted in Pennsylvania, which is in the spotlight as a crucial state to President Trump’s reelection campaign as well as Joe Biden’s bid for the White House. Many of those not-yet-counted votes are in Philadelphia and other heavily Democratic counties. Philly is still counting its mail ballots, and they’ll continue to do so around the clock, officials said.

📊 For live results out of Pennsylvania, you can follow our results page here, which includes quick highlights about what we know and, crucially, don’t know at the moment.

📊 To catch up on New Jersey’s results (which Biden carried as expected), click here. The race in the state’s 2nd Congressional District between Jeff Van Drew and Amy Kennedy was still too close to call as of early this morning.

💻 And, throughout the day, our colleagues will be updating our election live blog with their latest reporting and analysis.

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“Election integrity not a partisan issue — it is a deeply American one. This country’s entire system of governance hinges on our collective faith in the fairness of our voting process and the peaceful transfer of power. This democracy we both love and have dedicated our lives to serving hangs in the balance.” — write ex-Pa. Gov. Tom Ridge, a Republican, and Dick Gephardt, a Democrat from Missouri who is a former House majority leader, about staying patient while every vote is counted.

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