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First: Alcohol sales at bars and restaurants in Pennsylvania are banned tomorrow during a window when in normal years they’d be through the roof. That comes at a time when many restaurants are already struggling to stay afloat, and some in Philly are giving up on trying — at least for now.

Then: A flourishing city farm where low-priced vegetables grow and help feed Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhood wonders whether it can keep its lease.

Plus: Pennsylvania counties began certifying their election results yesterday, and the presidential transition to Joe Biden is officially underway.

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The hits keep coming for restaurants, and some are hitting pause

As we march toward the end of the year, the pandemic’s strain on restaurants is clear. Normally, right now would be a busy and profitable season. While some have adjusted to the changing demands with innovative pivots, pop-ups and takeout concepts, the damage is adding up.

That’s why some restaurants in Philadelphia — where all indoor dining is banned again — are shutting down until 2021. Reporter Michael Klein has an early list and reaction from the ones doing just that. His story also explains why a restaurant isn’t so easy to open and close on a dime.

Pennsylvania establishments took another hit yesterday when the state announced a new round of mandates to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including the order to shut down all alcohol sales at bars and restaurants on Thanksgiving Eve at 5 p.m., drying out what’s known for being one of the busiest drinking nights of the year.

An urban farm in North Philly fights to stay alive and growing

A beloved North Philly farm that’s distributed 100,000 pounds of food since June for the city’s hungry children could be awaiting the end of its bountiful life. The Life Do Grow Farm on North 11th and Dauphin Streets was an illegal dump until a group of Temple students and local activists got to work in 2010. But the lot is owned by the city and the farm’s rent-free lease expires in 15 months. Reporter Alfred Lubrano looks at how it could survive.

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“In the same way that there are no guarantees if you use barriers and receive regular STI screenings, socially distancing, wearing a mask, and monitoring temperatures are not absolute protections. None of us should use language to suggest we’re invincible to infection. Whether intentionally or not, it suggests that people only get infected because of personal failures.” — sexologist Emily L. Depasse writes about COVID-19 and a familiar internalized shame those with STI’s know all too well.

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