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Eagles-Cowboys: the pick for Sunday

Les Bowen gives his prediction about Sunday's game

I would not be at all surprised if Dallas, 6-0 on the road, won this and then went home next week and lost to the Colts, giving the Eagles hope for a backdoor playoff route.

But I won't predict that. Last week, I thought the Birds were ready to make a statement. Their defense actually was ready, though their offense most emphatically was not. I still think this is a playoff team and a solid group that doesn't let last week intrude on this week, which is important, given that the previous four teams to lose to the Seahawks went on to lose the next week, as well. The Eagles haven't lost two games in a row all season.

I think this will be difficult, but I still like the matchup up front, on both lines, healthy Tony Romo notwithstanding. If the Eagles lose this game, it's fair to wonder whether any progress has been made, from Year 1 of Chip Kelly to Year 2, and whether this team might be more than a year and a couple players from really vying for the Super Bowl.

Let's not jump off that ledge just yet.

Prediction: Eagles 26, Cowboys 24.

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