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10 people you’ll meet at Waterfront Winterfest

When the weather outside is frightful and your Christmas shopping list is getting longer by the hour, there’s nothing better to do than drink.

When the weather outside is frightful and your Christmas shopping list is getting longer by the hour, there's nothing better to do than drink. Grab a cold one — or a spiked warm one — at Waterfront Winterfest, the seasonally appropriate offshoot of this summer's uber-popular Spruce Street Harbor Park.

In addition to a whirlwind of activities (ranging from ice-skating to arcade games) and plenty of plush seating, Winterfest boasts some of the best people-watching outside of the King of Prussia Mall food court. Here's some of the folks you'll meet:

1. Teens on Dates

You'll see them: Holding hands while skating.
You'll hear them: Having awkward conversations.

2. Former JV Hockey Players

You'll see them: Whizzing around the ice rink as if they're in the friggin' Olympics.
You'll hear them: Breathing heavily because they're about 30 pounds heavier than the last time they strapped on skates.

3. Women Hoping They're About to Be Proposed To

You'll see them: Tentatively glancing around and practicing their surprised faces.
You'll hear them: Talking about how romantic everything is.

4. Men Who Drink Bailey's

You'll see them: Ordering drinks.
You'll hear them: Claiming those drinks are for their "wives."

5. Skee-Ball Junkies

You'll see them: Getting impatient when they have to wait for children to finish playing.
You'll hear them: Talking about how they almost hit that 100-point hole last time.

6. Women Who Spend a Lot of Time on PInterest

You'll see them: Snapping photos of each rustic-yet-still-urban-chic vignette.
You'll hear them: Wondering aloud if Home Goods has any reclaimed oak they could elegantly prop next to the front door of their suburban townhome.

7. Rambunctious Toddlers

You'll see them: Reaching peak sugar high.
You'll hear them: Begging for s'mores.

8. Their Moms

You'll see them: Trying desperately not to confuse their spiked hot chocolate for the kiddo's virgin cocoa.
You'll hear them: "Brailynn, did you just lick that?! You have three seconds to get over here. One, two …"

9. People Who Are About to Have Seizures

You'll see them: Watching the Christmas tree lights as they sync up to EDM versions of holiday classics.
You'll hear them: Wondering if the person who programmed this tree was on acid.

10. Light Show Enthusiasts

You'll see them: Instagramming.
You'll hear them: Comparing Winterfest's LED lights to the old-school Macy's light show.