When the weather outside is frightful and your Christmas shopping list is getting longer by the hour, there's nothing better to do than drink. Grab a cold one — or a spiked warm one — at Waterfront Winterfest, the seasonally appropriate offshoot of this summer's uber-popular Spruce Street Harbor Park.

In addition to a whirlwind of activities (ranging from ice-skating to arcade games) and plenty of plush seating, Winterfest boasts some of the best people-watching outside of the King of Prussia Mall food court. Here's some of the folks you'll meet:

1. Teens on Dates

You'll see them: Holding hands while skating.
You'll hear them: Having awkward conversations.

2. Former JV Hockey Players

You'll see them: Whizzing around the ice rink as if they're in the friggin' Olympics.
You'll hear them: Breathing heavily because they're about 30 pounds heavier than the last time they strapped on skates.

3. Women Hoping They're About to Be Proposed To

You'll see them: Tentatively glancing around and practicing their surprised faces.
You'll hear them: Talking about how romantic everything is.

4. Men Who Drink Bailey's

You'll see them: Ordering drinks.
You'll hear them: Claiming those drinks are for their "wives."

5. Skee-Ball Junkies

You'll see them: Getting impatient when they have to wait for children to finish playing.
You'll hear them: Talking about how they almost hit that 100-point hole last time.

6. Women Who Spend a Lot of Time on PInterest

You'll see them: Snapping photos of each rustic-yet-still-urban-chic vignette.
You'll hear them: Wondering aloud if Home Goods has any reclaimed oak they could elegantly prop next to the front door of their suburban townhome.

7. Rambunctious Toddlers

You'll see them: Reaching peak sugar high.
You'll hear them: Begging for s'mores.

8. Their Moms

You'll see them: Trying desperately not to confuse their spiked hot chocolate for the kiddo's virgin cocoa.
You'll hear them: "Brailynn, did you just lick that?! You have three seconds to get over here. One, two …"

9. People Who Are About to Have Seizures

You'll see them: Watching the Christmas tree lights as they sync up to EDM versions of holiday classics.
You'll hear them: Wondering if the person who programmed this tree was on acid.

10. Light Show Enthusiasts

You'll see them: Instagramming.
You'll hear them: Comparing Winterfest's LED lights to the old-school Macy's light show.