A large, one-day art installation from Covenant House Pennsylvania and art blog Streets Dept will take aim at youth homelessness in Philadelphia later this week, but its organizers aren't saying when or where just yet.

Announced Tuesday by Street Dept's Conrad Brenner, the art installation, dubbed "#AmICutOut," will take over an as-yet-unannounced part of Center City one day this week to focus on the struggle that Philadelphia's young, homeless people endure daily. Details about the nature of the exhibition were not immediately available.

In a blog post, Brenner wrote that he chose to work with Covenant House Pennsylvania for the event because it is Philadelphia's lone shelter specifically serving 18- to 21-year-olds. Additionally, Brenner noted that the one-day pop-up art installation will highlight "the plight of the 546 young, homeless Philadelphians who were turned away from Covenant House last year" due to lack of resources.

Brenner says will announce the installation's specific location and time later this week via his social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.