Challenge accepted!

Earlier this month, Daily News columnist Helen Ubinas wrote about Jennifer Pownall, a 42-year-old mom from Northeast Philly who was diagnosed with three meningioma brain tumors last year. Pownall told Ubinas that music is her therapy, so she created the Rock Out Brain Tumors Air Guitar Challenge, where participants get down and dirty with some air guitar for a cause. She's already raised over $1900.

The Daily News decided to join Pownall's mission in honor of assistant managing editor Gar Joseph, who is currently kicking some brain tumor behind, with a little help from Ozzy Osbourne. 
Ubinas challenged the Inquirer and SEPTA to make videos of their own. So the Inquirer staff donned the finest fake beards for their take on ZZ Tops "La Grange." Even Mayor Michael Nutter got in on the action (nice hair, Mayor):

SEPTA took on AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" with a little help from the totally adorable K9 unit:

Here's the Daily News' video, featuring, among others, two Pulitzer winners, a few columnists and one fine editor-in-chief. and WHYY, you've been challenged!