The Philly-shot Dancin' on Air will get the reality treatment from Fuse in January. The light-hearted "docu-comedy," a reality series without the histrionics of something like the Real Housewives, is called Saturday Morning Fever and will focus on the current Dancin' On Air, hosted by Q102's Casey Reed, that airs on PhillyCAM at 11:30 a.m. Saturdays and will soon stream on their website.

Saturday Morning Fever airs its six episodes on Fuse starting January 27, 2016, but the network will air teasers starting Thanksgiving. Here's the official description from Fuse:

The series tells the story of the long-running local Philadelphia dance show, Dancin' On Air. Despite the small stage, the regulars on the show whole-heartedly believe that this is their ticket to stardom. Saturday Morning Fever delivers a true life fly-on-the-wall docu-series that explores the lives of these unwavering dreamers and their journey to the spotlight.

"In my opinion, Dancin' on Air has always been a reality show and the lives of the dancers intertwine," said Dancin' producer Patti Claffy. "Dancin' on Air was the original reality show, they just didn't title it that, so why not welcome the reality?"

Dancin' On Air was a locally produced show -- think Soul Train or American Bandstand -- that ran from 1981-1987 locally before going into syndication and eventually being picked up by the then fledgling USA Network, where it was retitled Dance Party USA and ran until 1992. Dancers included Tom Verica, a respected TV director who is best known onscreen for playing the doomed Sam Keating on How To Get Away With Murder, and Kelly Ripa, who got a blast from the past back in February when Jimmy Kimmel surprised her with a clip from the show:

Check out the first teaser for Saturday Morning Fever below: