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Sinéad O'Connor's marriage by the numbers

Sinéad O’Connor dumps husband 4 after 16 days! She says she wanted out 3 hours after the nuptials! A numerological study of her ill-fated marriage.

If the Sinéad O'Connor breakup teaches us anything, it's the importance of numbers in life.

(Kids: do your math homework.)

Some reports indicate that Sinéad and Barry Herridge, the hapless 38-year-old therapist she wed earlier this month, broke up after 16 days of marriage.

Others say it was 18 days.

Meanwhile, Sinéad writes on her website that she knew the marriage – her fourth – was doomed three hours after she said "I Do."

Of course, it will take years to do a full panel of numerological reports – there's Christian eschatological numerology to consider, kabbalistic math to wrestle with, Leonardo da Vinci's geometrical visions to experience, John Dee's alchemical equations to ponder, Nostradamus' Numbers to decode and Dan Brownian conspiracies to thwart.

I'm not even a proper novice, but here's a preliminary expectoration prefatory to an introduction to the potential study of numerological factors in the collapse of Sinéad O'Connor's marriage.

The Wedding Numbers:

  1. How many husbands has Sinéad had before Barry: 3

  2. The day Sinéad and Barry consecrated their union: Dec. 8.

  3. Number of Pink Cadillacs present at the wedding: 1
    Silly but true
    : The couple said their I dos while standing in a great big pink Cadillac at the Little White Wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

  4. How many weddings take place in Sin City per annum: Nearly 120,000 a year (that's more than 325 a day).

  5. How does Vegas rank when it comes to number of weddings: No. 1 in the world, baby!

  6. How much does it cost to get a marriage license from the Marriage License Bureau: $60 payable in cash only

The Breakup Numbers

  1. Number of days before Sinéad realized the marriage was doomed: 0.125
    Sad but true
    : Sinéad claims that three hours after the wedding, she discovered a conspiracy organized by Barry's so-called friends to sabotage the marriage. "Within 3 hours of the ceremony being over the marriage was kyboshed by the behaviour of certain people in my husband's life," Sinéad writes on her website.

  2. Number of days Sinéad and Barry actually lived together: 7

  3. Number of days the marriage lasted: 16

  4. Number of days Sinéad waited to announce her breakup: 2

  5. Number of days before the couple can officially file for divorce: 1,461
    Sad but (reportedly) true: The Daily Mail reports that according to Irish law, Sinéad and Barry must be separated for four years before they can apply to dissolve the marriage.