Cappuchino (Cheryl Haygen) will join Power 99 FM (WUSL--98.9 FM) as the station's new midday personality beginning Sunday, Ken Johnson Director of Urban Programming for Clear Channel Radio has announced.

"Philadelphia is going to love her upbeat personality and passionate love of music," says Johnson.

Cappuchino is over the moon.

"It's been my dream to be a part of Power 99 FM," says the deejay, described by WUSL as "a half-Thai, half-Black beauty."

"It's a nationally respected ground breaking urban station and I can't wait to reach out and be very much a part of the community."

Cappuchino’s bio:

By her second semester at FAMU, the half-Thai, half-Black beauty was given the moniker Cappuchino (because of the hue of her skin).

She also began training other students and served as a college record representative for Atlantic Records. Cappuchino was one of the chosen few to manage her college radio station and work in commercial radio at WHBX (96.1-FM) in Tallahassee, Fla.

Cappuchino received her B.S. degree in newspaper journalism and decided to stick with radio.

She spent the last 7 years at KMJJ (99.7-FM) in Shreveport, La., as the Assistant Program Director and Midday Host.

Cappuchino is a learner, a speaker, a mom, wife and a social butterfly and will tell you what's on her mind and she enjoys music!