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Lindsay Lohan in nightclub fight. Again

Lindsay Lohan has a confrontation with a second women in three weeks while clubbing in Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan had a nasty confrontation with some random woman at The Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip in Lalaland Wednesday night two weeks after she got into an altercation with another woman at the same club.

TMZ says a LiLo pal drove her to the hotel, but managed to hit another car while trying to park.

LiLo reportedly called her dad, Michael Lohan, a famous fixer who can make any trouble disappear (oh wait, he's the exact opposite) for help.

Talk about a recipe for disaster!

TMZ says MiLo came up with the perfect solution: He took LiLo inside and proceeded to hang out. (Neither consumed alcohol, TMZ's sources say.)

The showdown took place when a woman in the next booth made a sarcastic comment about how LiLo was apparently going clubbing with her dad. "Shut the [beep] up," LiLo told her

The woman chucked her drink at the actress, who was quickly pulled away and out the door by her dad.

So what happened to the park Lindsay's pal mangled? No idea ..