Two local faces will be seen on NBC’s “Love in the Wild,” premiering at 9 p.m. June 5.
The show, hosted by Jenny McCarthy, pairs up singles in the Dominican Republic. The couples compete in physical challenges and decide whether to stay coupled or try a better romantic or competitive match with a member of another couple.
Leo Borriello, who graduates from Drexel University next month with a double major in marketing and legal studies, has already lined up a job with JP Morgan Chase in Wilmington, Del., and says he’s pretty sure he didn’t do anything on camera during “Love in the Wild” that will upset his new bosses.
We get the feeling that Borriello, 27, who says he’s “always up for a wild adventure,” went on the show more to be on TV than to find love, because he told us he had previously made it to the final audition round for casting on MTV’s “The Real World.”
The Italian-born, Connecticut-raised aspiring model says his abs and his smile are usually his keys to a woman’s heart or, her, well, let’s just say her heart.
Asked if he had gotten any on the show, Borriello replied: “I always get something somewhere. That’s all I can say about that.”
Manayunk’s Jenny Blatt said she went on the show “to find someone and to find out about myself” through the adventure. Northeast native Blatt, 27, works at a Center City advertising agency and looks for guys who are honest and loyal, after walking in on her boyfriend of five years with another woman.
Blatt, a lifelong gymnast, she also likes “dorky guys.” Blatt, who says she’s extremely sarcastic and places her sense of humor and her red hair among her best features, plans to watch the premiere with her girlfriends at a bar in Manayunk.
She said she had an amazing time on the show but initially was worried about how everyone would get along. So everybody got along, we asked? “Well, you’ll see,” Blatt said.