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Howard Stern staffer Richard Christy having a baby that was conceived during Wing Bowl visit

As do many things on the Howard Stern Show, it all started with an exposed body part.

As do many things on The Howard Stern Show, it all started with an exposed body part.

Richard Christy, the musician and comedian who joined Stern's show back in 2004 after the departure of "Stuttering John" Melendez, was chasing colleague Sal Governale around the studio Monday morning in an attempt to draw him into a pants-less "sword fight" when he decided to make a big announcement.

"I'm going to be a father," Christy said.

"To a pet?" a bewildered Stern replied. "The guy has a mentality of a child. How is he going to raise a kid?"

Christy's son is due around Halloween, and Eagles fans will be happy to know that the child will be named after second-year quarterback Carson Wentz.

Christy isn't an Eagles fan — he grew up in Kansas and is a life long Kansas City Royals fan (which is why the kid's middle name will be Cain, a nod to outfielder Lorenzo Cain). Christy's wife, Kristen, is the Eagles fan, and she shared some of the Birds swag she's already set aside for baby Carson.

There is another Philly connection to the latest spawn of the Stern Show, but it's much more dubious — the child was supposedly conceived while in the city for Wing Bowl 25 in February, prompting longtime co-host Robin Quivers to offer the only appropriate response.

"Oh dear," Quivers said.


For Christy, it was the third straight year he attended Wing Bowl, which he blogged about on Stern's website. The highlight, and surely what set up the romantic evening with his wife, was an on-air discussion with a Wing Bowl janitor who described, in disturbing detail, the state of the toilets at the Wells Fargo center during the event.

"It's disgusting, I hate it," the unnamed janitor told him.