Rumors: Justin Timberlake to wed Biel

British tabloid the Daily Mirror claims Justin Timberlake has undertaken a succesful PsyOps mission to convince Jessica Biel to marry him. A so-called "Secret Source" (ooohhh!) says it happened last weekend while J&J were staying at a ski resort in Jackson, Wyoming. Seems some Jackson townies overheard something suggesting the Js are engaged. "Word on the street," an unnamed local gallery owner is quoted as saying, "is that Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel."

Not much to go on, admits one tabloid who repeats the Mirror's report.

Spears inspired "Cry Me a River"

Who cares whether Justin Timberlake is engaged to marry Jessica Biel, as rumormongers say. This is far sexier Justin news: Justin's longtime producer Timbaland says in an upcoming E! True Hollywood Story that despite Jusin's denials over the years, the music wunderkind did in, fact, write his weepy 2002 megat hit, "Cry Me a River," about Britney Spears, who at the time owned - and soon thereafter shattered - his heart.

Justin cried on Timbaland's shoulder about his conflicts with his lover.

Says Timbaland after one incident that had Justin upset, "I was like, 'Man, don't worry about it' and he was like, 'I can't believe she did that to me' and he was like, 'You were my sun, you were my earth.' "

I'm, like, Woah!