Sheena Parveen, NBC10's massively popular meteorologist, is leaving the station at the end of the year. Parveen is heading to WRC-TV, an NBC-owned Washington, D.C., station, also known as NBC4.

Parveen joined NBC10 in December of 2011, quickly becoming the local news "It Girl," as she was dubbed by the Daily News in 2012, and her dating life became a gossip column topic. "

Parveen told the Daily News that she did not think of herself as a sex symbol:

"To be honest," she said, "I don't think about that. That's not a concern of mine. I'm not here to try to look good, so if it comes along with it, I'm flattered. But it's nothing that I think about.

"I hope [the buzz is] because I'm very personable, that people enjoy watching. Honestly, unless somebody tells me, I don't realize it. I do my job. I try to be as good as I can at doing my job, and if people like me - which I hope they do - that's fantastic."

Parveen has meteorology from Florida State University and holds a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal from the American Meteorological Society. That's considered the gold standard for meteorology.

When she came to Philadelphia, the Florida native was particularly excited to cover the snow, a chance she'll still get in the D.C. area.

"Weather-wise, [the markets] are the same. But Sheena's coming to the number one station in Washington, DC. We've been number one here for a number of years. She'll be on the morning team and she'll make our team even better," said former CBS3 and NBC10 meteorologist Doug Kammerer, who is now the chief meteorologist at NBC4.

There is one big difference, from the two markets, Kammerer said: "The notoriety is a little bit less here. Down here, you've got the politicians. We can fly under the radar here and that will make it a little bit easier for her."

Parveen posted on her Facebook:

In addition to providing weather updates for her adoring fans in Philly, Parveen also contributed to weather reports for CSN, the Flyers, 76ers, and 101.1 MORE FM.

NBC10 has made a couple new hires as of late, including weekend meteorologist Erika Martin and Voorhees-raised anchor-reporter Erin Coleman.