Graduation is nearing and I will soon leave my home

friends, familiar places, and comfort zones

Soon I will live in a shoe box of a room

with a complete stranger

sharing shampoo, toothpaste, a printer

and stories of home

Parties will distract me from homework,

deprive me of sleep, and slowly damage my liver

And boys, yes, hoards of college boys

casting their charms, breaking hearts, and never

calling me for a second date

Exams? I didn't know they would be this hard

all-nighters, flashcards galore, and nightmares

of failure

New friends offer a breath of fresh air, relief from a

hectic schedule, a lunch date, and tons of new clothes

to borrow

College life

too many decisions

with unknown consequences

a fresh start for failure or

a second chance at getting it right

— Tori Fellenbaum

Tori Fellenbaum is a senior at Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls. She lives in Frankford and loves singing, theater arts, gnomes, and working as a cashier at ShopRite. She looks forward to fun, prayer, and learning at Immaculata University next year.