Michael Bay has officially grown tired of the haters, as indicated in a recent blog post on the director's website titled "I Do Not Apologize For Any Transformers Movies." YOLO, Mr. Bay.

As most anyone with an internet connection knows, its high web fashion to hate Michael Bay right now. We rag on his mindless-yet-highly-profitable explosion fests, mock his casting choices, and won't let him live down Pearl Harbor. Now, though, it seems that Bay has grown tired of all the shade getting thrown his way, and wants us to know we're not changing anything.

And, as you might guess, it's the media's fault:

"It is a drag talking to reporters on sets. Why? Because often times they take your words and skew things to their liking. Then the crazy, lazy game of reporting on what other writers story's reported me saying and suddenly it becomes skewed Internet truth. So I waste my time to restate exactly what I did say, again. 

No I did not 'apologize' for any Transformers movies. I did not say I shot the last three movies "less cool" than the new fourth installment. I was talking specifically about camera style and tone, of the first movie compared to how I shot the new installment with a very big scale, cinematic style. I was very specific in saying the first Transformers was shot in a 'generic suburbia' area, not trying to be cool with any cinematic flashes. I wanted it to feel like this could happen in any backyard in the United States."

With that, Bay seems to be willing to let the issue rest. Especially given the news that his crew has wrapped shooting the fourth installment in the Transformers franchise after a month-long trip to China. He also would like us all to know that he's "very excited about this new movie."

Unfortunately, though, an apology doesn't seem to be what most of Bay's adversaries want from him. They simply want him to go away. But as long as there's a robot to beat the crap out of, or a historical melodrama to unfold, or something to direct about the end of the world, he'll be there.

He'll always be there.