Sam Katz is at it again. The trailer for the latest chapter in the mayoral candidate-turned-filmmaker's amazing series, Philadelphia: The Great Experiment, is out, promising one of the most illuminating, and perhaps controversial, installments yet. (Click here to see previous episodes and webisodes.)

From the very beginning, Philadelphia has proven itself to be "the testing ground for everything really important that goes on in this nation," observes Sharon Ann Holt, Executive Director of the New Jersey Humanities Council, and one of the esteemed talking heads to be featured in the trailer – and the film. Episode V covers the city's history from 1979 to 1994, a time of racial division, marked by  the election of the city's first African American mayor, the MOVE conflagration, the breaking of the "gentleman's agreement" on the height barrier, allowing for the skyscraper-ed cityscape we now enjoy, and other dramatic political, cultural and social changes.

Episode V, still being assembled as we speak (if you have archival material, contact Katz) will be broadcast in the fall of 2014. Episode IV, "The Fight – 1965-1977," is set to be shown June 20 on Channel 6 ABC. In the mean time,  watch the Episode V trailer (below), and be sure to "like" The Great Experiment on Facebook,