Marvel's smallest character is getting his own feature-length film, and Paul Rudd has signed on to play the namesake character. Finally, a long-running Hollywood rumor that has come to fruition.

Marvel initially was eyeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt to his the big screen as Ant-Man's Hank Pym, though Levitt eventually moved on to produce and direct the ongoing Warner Bros. Sandman adaptation. With that, Rudd became the clear choice for the long-awaited Marvel film, set for a Summer 2015 release.

But what's most remarkable about Rudd's casting selection is the near complete lack of outcry against the choice. So either the comic world is all good with Rudd on duty as Pym, or they simply haven't heard the news. But given how the Rudd choice went viral so quickly, it'd seem smart to bet on the former.

Directed by Edgar Wright of The World's End fame, Ant-Man got put on the back-burner several times for personal and professional reasons. Now, though, it looks like we can expect an ant-sized adventure with a superhero twinge very soon.

And if Rudd's performance as the Ant-Man can match Mark Ruffalo's enormous performance as the Hulk, it'll be worth the wait.