Post & photo by Colin Kerrigan

Before he became Mayor Nutter, he was known as Mixmaster Mike. Since he's a self-professed music nerd, we asked him to list the top ten songs he listened to in 2012.

1. Alica Keys "Girl On Fire"

"It has a great beat, interesting lyrics and I just like the way it sounds."

2. Jay-Z and Kanye West "Otis"

"I always liked the original("Try A Little Tenderness") by Otis Redding, this is a great reimagining of a classic."

3. Christina Aguilera "Makes Me Wanna Pray"

"I really like songs with feeling, and I like that this song seems like a departure from her usual style."

4. Rihanna "We Found Love"

"This is just plain fun, a good time."

5. Melody Gardot "Over The Rainbow"

"I love her life story: it's a story of resilience and the capacity of the human spirit. She has a beautiful voice."

6. Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes "Wake Up Everybody"

"This is a timeless piece, the things he talks about in the song are as relevant today as they were back then. It's a rallying cry for change."

7. Laura Izibor "He'll Never Know" 

"Laura is one of my favorite female vocalists. She's smart, energetic, up-and-coming with a wonderfully sweet voice."

8. The Roots "The Fire" 

"I love The Roots, and "Fire" is about what drives you from within. People should have a burning passion for whatever it is they do. Whatever their fire is, it should propel them to follow their passion. Also, it's The Roots!"

9. Whitney Houston "Greatest Love Of All"

"Whitney Houston is still one of the most beautiful voices of all time, and her rendition of this song really makes you feel it. "Greatest Love Of All" is a 'message song' and she gives it more life with her style. And the arrangement is orchestral: her voice is big enough to not get overwhelmed by that."

10. Bette Milder "Wind Beneath My Wings" 

"I just like the song and she's the original artist. No one does anything by themselves, there is always someone else with you. It's a reminder that we always need the support of others."

Mixmaster Mike with The Roots "Rapper's Delight"