Best headline of today?:  "Maneater: Hall bitten by Oates," courtesy of the Sandusky Register.

No, the famed local blue-eyed soulsters are not going all zombie on us all of a sudden, but we couldn't resist posting about this story: An Ohio man named Roger Oates was charged with felony assault, resisting arrest and obstructing official business (along with another man, Ronald Mantz) after he bit off the eyebrow of his neighbor, Scott Hall.

The official Erie County police report said that Hall's eyebrow was "almost completely bitten off" and "blood was flowing from the wound."

Hall was watching football in his garage when he saw a drunk Oates and Mantz in his driveway. Hall went out to check on the commotion and Oates "bull-rushed" him.

This is a crazy story, unless biting someone's eyebrow off is Oates' "Method of Modern Love" (har dee har har har). Give us your best Hall and Oates pun in the comment of this story, and you will win our undying respect.