With hoops behind him, is Allen Iverson returning to hip-hop? Is that the answer to The Answer's well-documented financial troubles? Apparently not: Iverson doesn't actually rap in the video clip for "Street Knock," a song from producer-rapper-and-Alicia Keys husband Swizz Beatz' forthcoming mixtape Limitless, and speaking of rapping, he recently told XXL, "I got into too much trouble for that."   

The clip is a tie-in to the relaunch of Iverson's original line of Reebok shoes, The Questions. In the vid, the former Sixer limits himself to some between-the-legs ballin' and locking eyes with the camera with a headband on his head. Watch it below, via Pitchfork.

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Iverson's infamous "Practice!" rant. Hear what DJ Jazzy Jeff did with that here. A link to my 2000 Inquirer interview with Iverson about what he intended to be his rising career as a rapper is here, though most of it is behind a pay wall.

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