An effective and affordable technology for viewing TV in 3D without wearing special glasses will come to market this year, said Philadelphia-based  Stream TV Networks, Inc., through its newly announced manufacturing partnership with Unihan (Pegatron) Corporation.

Stream TV's process - dubbed Ultra-D - will initially be implemented in a 42- inch 3D display and companion Ultra-D Seecube converter box, which handles the switching and processing of incoming signals and can "auto-convert" conventional 2D TV shows to 3D.

Viewable with good effect from many angles - unlike more restrictive "auto-stereoscopic" TVs shown by Toshiba and Philips - Ultra-D utilizes "a unique amalgam of hardware and software in perfect sync," shared Stream's announcement. "It introduces a layer of lenses on display panels that directs light at an optimal angle to create a 3D image for the human eye. Behind the scenes, a matrix of sophisticated algorithms scans an incoming feed to decipher the different layers that may be used to extrude and generate depth. This depth may either be user defined or computer generated."

Manufacturing partner Unihan (Pegatron) is a Taiwan-based electronic and computing designer/manufacturer alligned with the ASUSTek group but spun off as a separate entity in 2008. Its' work is most visible here in ASUS brand laptops, desktop PCs  and monitors, including a 27-inch computer game monitor using Nvidia 3D Vision 2 chip set and active shutter glasses. The company also makes motherboards, broadband devices, wireless systems, game consoles, networking equipment and set-top boxes. Yesterday's partnership announcement with Stream TV was timed to the opening of the Computex show in Taiwan.

Stream TV Networks is headquartered  in center city Philadelphia, with a satellite office in Silicon Valley and an R&D department in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Stream previously fielded a line of eLocity branded mobile tablets.  First claim to fame of brothers/founders Mathu and Raja Rajan was as co-inventors of ZeroWater, a proprietary water filtration system.