Christina Lurie, wife of Eagles owner Jeff, is the idea-woman behind a new sitcom written by Twitter celeb Kelly Oxford.

The show, which is also getting a helping hand from "Friends" producer Ira Ungerleider, "centers on a divorcing couple and the wife's overbearing sister," according to Deadline. The idea came from Lurie and partners Alan Barnette and Richard Gelb. Keeping it even more local, the sitcom was bought by NBC who are owned by our friendly neighborhood corporate behemoth Comcast.

Oxford, who currently has 271,339 Twitter followers and is known for her irreverent humor (sample tweet: Someone better stuff my bra for me at my funeral.), spoke with the New York Post today about how she's a new type of media creator. "I think the Internet is confused about what to make of me. I'm not a writer-performer, I'm not a comedian, but my face is out there and I'm not known for one certain thing," Oxford said.

Lurie is no stranger to the entertainment industry herself. She and her hubs executive produced Charles Ferguson's "Inside Job," a documentary attacking those responsible for the current economic downturn. It won the best documentary at the Oscars this year, but Ferguson failed to thank the Luries. Hopefully, Oxford will give more credit to this time.