It set off sirens all across the media yesterday afternoon when CNN anchor John King informed Wolf Blitzer on-air that an arrest had been made in the Marathon Bombing nightmare in Boston. Of course an exclusive (as CNN quickly labeled it) will do that: grab everyone's attention.

King announced it with such finality. It was sourced ("a law enforcement official") and King even had a telling detail. The arrested suspect was "a dark-skinned male".

Not so fast, Bobalooey. Within the hour, CNN was backing away from its exclusive faster than Darrelle Revis, as anchor after anchor sought to minimalize and rationalize King's stunning gaffe.

You know what this means, right? Manna for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Check out his scathing segment.

Of course what makes Stewart's comments so delicious are all the pop culture references he manages to wedge in there: Howard Stern, M. Night Shyalaman, South Park, Dennis Rodman.

Voila, CNN's reckless reporter, broiled to a fare thee well.

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