David Beckham walks into a Burger King. It's no joke. It's a commercial. And he orders "one of those new strawberry banana smoovies". The girl at the counter goes into a romantic swoon. Cue the swelling violin music. Suddenly Beckham, who was casually dressed (was half his shirt untucked? I think it was) is wearing a spectacular suit and he seems to be glowing. The girl sighs, cupping her chin in her hand. In her imagination, he calls her "beautiful". So far your typical Madison Avenue tripe. Then the commercial takes a hard right turn.

The manager, a mousy middle aged guy sticks his head into the girl's fantasy and the music screeches to a stop. He looks like just another stock figure – your stuffy middle management type, a stickler for the rules, his build, hair and glasses practically screaming "asexual".

He apologizes to Beckham and then….cue the music and bring out the glow lights again. David Beckham knows his first name! Now the guy is completely head over heels in love.

Wait a gosh darn minute there, King Burger. What is going on here? Mr. Peepers has the hots for the soccer stud? Where did that come from?

I get the joke. Beckham is irresistible. But the spot still strikes me as very odd. Maybe it's just the linking of fast food and sex. What do you think? Innocent fun or strange subtext?

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