Around this time of year, the people behind all your favorite TV shows start sending out their "mailers" to TV Academy members in hopes of putting their work in the minds of the people doling out Emmy recognition. This year, Family Guy's efforts got a little political thanks to a Bridgegate-themed campaign with Peter Griffin as a dead-ringer for Chris Christie.

"Vote for us, or it's time for some traffic problems in Brentwood," the mailer reads, referring to the portion of Los Angeles where many TV Academy members are known to live. Accompanying the message is protagonist Peter Griffin in a suspiciously Chris Christie-like wardrobe.This year's mailer is closely in line with 2010's effort, which showed Griffin as Precious and the slogan "Vote For Us Or You're Racist."

As good a parody as the Christie jab is, though, it would appear that the Family Guy guys aren't at all disillusioned about how effective their mailer work is—IE, not very. As the inside of the mailer notes, "If you've opened this case, you're probably a garbage man."

Check out the mailer below: