How important are suburban Philadelphia women in the coming election?

Important enough to warrant a "Weekend Update" return by former Saturday Night Live co-anchors Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon, who appeared on the Lin-Manuel Miranda-hosted SNL this weekend as undecided voters Denise McDonough (Fey) and Doreen Troilo (Fallon), of Delaware County's Clifton Heights.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was watching, too, tweeting on his personal account:

"Everyone thinks you love Trump," Fey's character told Fallon's at one point, imitating the Tonight Show host's mussing of the Republican candidate's hair in a much-criticized softball interview last month.

As for Trump and his complaints about the onetime Miss Universe, she said, "Does this guy have mirrors in his house? He looks someone opened a quesadilla to pick the chicken out."

Denise, it turns out, also has her issues with Hillary Clinton, complaining she doesn't approve of the way the Democrat dealt with her husband's infidelities -- because she didn't "finish the job."

"At the very least you have to cut off her ponytail," Fey said of what she thinks Clinton should have done to Gennifer Flowers.

"When a girl so much flirted with my husband, I released mice into the drop ceiling of her pizza place," Fey told "Weekend Update" co-anchor Colin Jost, in what was almost certainly a reference to this story from Fey's hometown.

Jost, naturally, asked the two about the release of the video in which Trump brags about being able to grab women by the genitals because he's famous, and Fey's Denise seemed unconcerned, comparing the candidate to a drunk member of the Mummers' comic brigades.

When she found out Jost had never been to the parade, she said, "You should go. It's terrible."