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'Idol' results: Chasin' Dixon

The seventh cut is the deepest

Here's the roll call: Stefano Langone, Tim Urban, Lil Rounds, Kristy Lee Cook, Sanjaya Malakar, Ace Young, Anwar Robinson, Jennifer Hudson, Kimberly Caldwell, Ryan Starr.

This is the illustrious club that Colton Dixon joined last night as the 7th place finalist on his season of American Idol. The kid from Murfreesboro, TN, took the results quite well, vowing to put all he learned in Idol to good use when he makes his record.

Jennifer Lopez assured him, "You'll make lots and lots of records" and Ryan Seasick whispered, "You're going to have a long career."

Of course he will. Just like the roster of superstars above. Finishing in 7th place on Idol is pretty much a golden ticket in the music business.

Seriously, how many of those names do you even remember except Hudson, and her case was kind of a fluke. She went in Season three, joined in the bottom three that week by eventual winner Fantasia Barrino. You know who was safe? John Stevens and George Huff. Let's just concede that Fox was still figuring out how to rig the vote to its greatest advantage.

But losing Dixon had the judges distraught. Randy bemoaned how powerless they were, having used up their seasonal save to rescue Jessica Sanchez from the same fate the week before. You get the feeling that if it was up to the judges, this season would never end. These same singers would go on performing week after week, all of them far too talented to send home.

Randy, this is your 11th season on the panel. You really should know by now how the system works. Somebody has to go every week until only one is left. When did it become so agonizing for you every time one of these singers got voted off? They're not being taken backstage and executed.

All three of you judges need to get a grip. When it comes to most talented seasons of Idol, this group wouldn't even make top three. You haven't stumbled across King Solomon's Mine here.

Props to Dixon for his swan song: "Everything." (Watch it below)

He's the only person to my knowledge to sing Lifehouse on Idol. Not sure why he started the song on the ground, but we have to respect his artistic choices. He is after all one of the Gang of Sevens.

How'd I do in predictions? I had Elise, Colton and Jessica in the bottom three. It turned out to be Elise, Colton and Hollie. I saw Elise going rather than Colton.

Reacting to my choices, Randy said, "Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. Dave is back!". JLo said, "We all know you're like semi-psychic but I'd like to see you put a little more emotion into your picks, baby. You know?" And Steven said, "Jump on a log and call me a frog, that was bumble deedee on toast. Yah!"

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