Could Rob McElhenney, a/k/a Mac from our beloved "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," be the catalyst for a new Philly-centric TV dynasty?

McElhenney just got the greenlight from Fox for a new pilot based on the book "Living Loaded" by Dan Dunn, according to Deadline. The tome centers around a booze blogger who must transform his life after landing a gig as a radio host. McElhenney is slated to serve as "Living Loaded's" showrunner but because "It's Always Sunny" is under contract for at least two more seasons at FX, we assume he won't be taking on the role of surrogate Dunn onscreen.

Mac and "It's Always Sunny" executive producer Rob Rosell, from Mullica Hill, NJ, are also behind the new cartoon "Unsupervised," a new cartoon on FX, featuring Justin Long, Romany Malco, Kristen Bell and David Hornsby, premiering January 19 at 10:30 p.m.

Dunn, the booze columnist behind the "Imbiber" (formerly at, now at Food Republic), is a Philly boy, as well, spending his formative years here and attending Temple University. He'll be co-writing the show with McElhenney and Rosell. Dunn is no stranger to television; he is a former staff writer of "Talk Soup" and was a freelance joke writer for "Saturday Night Live's" Weekend Update. We can't speak to the quality of "Living Loaded," but we did enjoy Dunn's rambunctious, albeit light, memoir "Nobody Likes a Quitter (and other reasons to avoid rehab)." Dunn briefly discussed his partnership with McElhenney at a book signing for "Living Loaded" at Baby Blues Philly back in February but Fox just picked up the pilot.

In previous McElhenney news, Ellen Gray wrote about how Phillie Chase Utley helped Mac pack on the pounds for the previous season of "It's Always Sunny."