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Jake Tapper calls out Trump supporters, gets awards from ‘Daily Show,’ Samantha Bee

Awards season is getting into full swing, and "The Daily Show" and "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" have jumped on the bandwagon with a couple of awards for CNN’s Jake Tapper, for, as Bee puts it, “making cable news bearable.”

Awards season is getting into full swingThe Daily Show and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee have jumped on the bandwagon with a couple of accolades for CNN's Jake Tapper, for, as Bee puts it, "making cable news bearable."

Bee presented her show's "award" to Tapper on Monday night, saying that the Queen Village-raised anchor is the lone cable newsman to have "risen from the aimless, post-apocalyptic landscape of Trump coverage."

For his trouble, Tapper was presented with the show's first "Full Frontal Thunder---- Award," which came in the form of a T-shirt. Tapper, for his part, seemed enthused, though he admitted he would never wear the shirt, due to the lewd phrase printed on the front.

"Although I can't show it to my children, I do appreciate the effort," Tapper said.

Tapper also received a similar award from The Daily Show's Trevor Noah, though that one had a slightly less vulgar name. Noah awarded Tapper with the show's "Crapcatcher Award" on Monday, primarily for a recent interview with Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

"If ever there's a time that journalists are going to be tested in America, it's during a Trump presidency," Noah said. I feel like we have to start handing out awards to journalists for calling out bull-."

Noah first awarded George Stephanopolous with the Crapcatcher Award, followed close behind by Tapper, who told Conway in a recent interview that "just because a president does something doesn't make it presidential."

"You see, he saw the semantic B.S. Kellyanne Conway was pulling and he called her on it," Noah said. "Which is why he earned another prestigious Crapcatcher Award. Well done, Jake."

Tapper previously made headlines over an anti-semitic banner that CNN ran late last month. Tapper called the banner, which read "alt-right founder questions if jews are people," "unacceptable," and said that the decision to run it made him "furious."

"The chyron was abhorrent and I am trying to deal with it," Tapper, who was off at the time, said last month. "Obviously I take responsibility, but my being off is not irrelevant."