Donald Trump  has at least one staunch friend in Hollywood, and he'll be there for Friday's inaugural.

"I'm very supportive of Donald Trump, yeah," said actor Jon Voight (Ray Donovan, J.L. Family Ranch), in an interview at a Hallmark Channel party Saturday evening in Pasadena, Calif., during the Television Critics Association's winter meetings. "I'm happy to be there."

Singer-actress Jennifer Holliday, who recently reneged on plans to perform at the president-elect's inauguration, calling her initial agreement a "lapse in judgment," can do what she likes, Voight said.

"That's OK. Let her pull out," he said. "To each his own."

And if other performers "don't want be part of that, that's their business," he said.

As for Voight, "It looks like I'm going to say a few words on the Mall for that day, the musical celebration on the [National] Mall, and I'll introduce [former New York mayor] Rudy Giuliani somewhere. A few things here and there."

Had he ever spoken to as large a crowd as is expected that day?

"I have. But I haven't spoken recently to the kind of crowds that Donald got, continually. Amazing. Everywhere he went, he got these huge crowds. But on the Mall, it'll be multiplied by 10. It's going to be huge."

Any nervousness?

"Only to try and get it right, you know. I'm just a human being and I'm going to be speaking a few words in praise of Donald, and hopes for the future and stuff. That's it."


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