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McKayla Maroney (and her scowl) go viral

The gymnast's scowl has become an internet punchline

You say you've invented a non-polluting car that runs on air? McKayla is not impressed.

American Olympic vaulter McKayla Maroney, 16, has become an international sight gag because of her sour reaction to winning a silver medal when she was favored to win the gold.

Her petulance on the medal stand has made her an inescapable and hilarious internet meme, thanks to Galvin Alaoen, a New York blogger who created the Tumblr page, "McKayla is Not Impressed."

It's kind of taken off from there. The concept is simple. We see McKayla giving her scowl of disapproval to any number of natural (the Taj Mahal) and unnatural (Kanye and Kim) wonders.

Take a look at the page which is now sprouting countless imitations.

It's so perfect even McKayla is a fan. She tweeted: "This tumblr is kinda funny...Made me laugh."

Notice she didn't say she was impressed.

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