Genetics are one of nature's great mysteries. But on this week's "Parks and Recreation", they actually make sense.

Remember last season when Chris (Rob Lowe) was dating the beautiful, willowy Millicent? Normally, you'd be wondering what a lovely creature like this was doing in Pawnee. But that question was lost because we were all pondering how in the world Millicent could be Jerry's daughter.

That's right, Jerry (Jim O'Heir), the biggest nebbish in prime time history – and that's really saying something. How does this blob have an angel for an offspring?

You're about to find out at a holiday party at the Gergiches. Watch Ben's reaction when he (and we) finally meet Jerry's wife, Gayle.

That's right, it's super hero, I mean supermodel, Christie Brinkley.

What does she see in Jerry? What do you think, you Gloomy Goose?

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