The New York Times let us know earlier this week that the Philly accent is fading out, and last week we found out that Philly is highly underrepresented in our entertainment. Proving once again that he is doing God's work, Nick Kroll eased those problems last night with his "Pawnsylvania" skit.

The Kroll Show host joined comedic partner John Daly to pretty accurately portray the Philly/Pittsburgh rivalry in pawn shop form. There's tons of references, a 1995 issue of Philadelphia magazine valued at $400 (the best joke of all), and Pittsburgh stuff you won't get, but the real saving grace is Kroll's Philly accent.

As we all know, the classic Philly accent is nearly impossible to imitate, and given that it's apparently dying out it's good to see at least someone on TV can do it well. Not Kevin Bacon in Sleepers good, but still pretty good.

The accuracy of the sketch is another highlight, mainly because it confirms that a good portion of the show's writers are from Pennsylvania, as Kroll recently revealed in an interview with SplitSider.

You can watch the whole episode here, or check out the "Pawnsylvania" sketch above.

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