As the legendary Hector Salamanca once said (when he could still talk), "La familia es todo," a code that one Houston, Tex. couple proved this week with a stellar set of Breaking Bad-themed engagement photos. Marry me, bitch.

Photographer Ashley Eubanks snapped the shots, which feature the lovely couple suited up in Walt and Jesse's trademark gasmasks and yellow jumpsuits.  The couple, Hannah Schuster and Mackey Macaluso, provided all the props for the shoot—right down to Heisenberg's 99.1% pure crystal.

The result is a dangerously addictive mix of fandom, romance, and general geekery set to mend the broken heart of any Breaking Bad fan left out in the cold since the series' end. Provided, of course, that you don't mind a move from the empire business to the relationship business.