It's not just stoner comedies, bromances, and Judd Apatow for Seth Rogen anymore—comic book adaptations are now on the list thanks to a recently inked deal with AMC. First up: An adaptation of Vertigo's 90s cult comic, Preacher.

For those of you not deeply enveloped in the loving embrace of comic book lore, Preacher chronicles the exploits of Jesse Custer, a small-town Texas preacher possessed by a demon/angel hybrid named Genesis. As things with demons tend to go, Genesis has a problem with the Almighty's handling of the world, and so sets off to find God to pick that particular bone. Hijinks ensue.

So, essentially, this one likely will be similar in tone to The Walking Dead—though with it's own twist, courtesy of Sam Catlin of Breaking Bad fame, who will lend his talents as showrunner and producer. In that sense, Custer (the Preacher) may well be the next anti-hero in line after Walter White.

No details just yet about a release date, but in the mean time, it'll be worth catching up on the comics.