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Teresa G.: The gloves come off on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

The Jersey housewife shows ‘em how it’s done – Bayonne style

We're down to five on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice. But it seems like all the Boss Man wants to talk about in this 30 second promo for this week's episode is the one who got away.

Yeah, Dayana Mendoza was a real sharp cookie. If you say so, Donald. And it' s a shame the way they were always picking on her. But lest you forget, you're the one who fired her, guy, and left Lisa Lampanelli to skulk around the boardroom.

This week, the Donald promises, we get to see the side of Teresa Giudice that makes for excellent television. In other words she goes all She-Hulk. And that means Arsenio better eat his Wheaties.

Oh, and by the way, two people will be eliminated. No place to hide.

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