If you caught "The Men of New Natesville," last night's episode of "Raising Hope" (you should, it was hilarious, playing with the weird B-characters that show excels at. We can't embed just yet but it's OnDemand), you might have noticed a referenced to a documentary called "Marwencol." We were floored. "Marwencol" wasn't exactly a blockbuster, but it fit perfectly within the framework of the episode. "Raising Hope," elevates weirdness to beloved eccentricity making "Marwencol" an apt subject. (Garret Dillahunt, who geniusly plays Bert Chance, tweeted a behind the scenes photo.)

While the doc doesn't have the same devilish sense of humor as "Raising Hope," it's certainly worth a peep. Debuting locally at the 2010 Philadelphia Film Festival, "Marwencol" followed Mark Hogancamp, who was brutally beaten and had to relearn how to do things as basic as writing. To channel his frustration, Hogancamp started building a miniature town in his backyard.

Lucky for you, "Marwencol" is currently streaming on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below:

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