Last we saw Reading's own Kate Gosselin, she appeared alongside her daughters for a stoically angry Today show interview that promoted their upcoming return to TLC with Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10. Now, we've gotten a first look at the show, and it is similarly stoic and angry. Who would've thought?

In the clip for the upcoming two-part special, Gosselin lets her brood know that the family will be doing some "fun things" for Spring Break. Only, you know, Kate Gosselin is saying it, so it sounds like a promise for retribution, which leads one of the kids to yell "no, no fun things!"

Kids, they say crazy things right? Turns out adults do as well, with the matriarch Gosselin responding that her daughter is now faced with her "last redemption." Then, she apparently has a mild seizure as 13-year-old Mady stomps back to her seat, the ensuing shockwave evidently throwing Gosselin even more off balance.

At that point, Gosselin takes away Mady's cell phone, revealing in a cutaway that she "got those girls cellphones and iPads so that I could take them away." Devious, though surely not the least of Gosselin's punishment plans.

Whatever they are, we'll find out when TLC airs the special June 19th at 10 pm. In the mean time, check out the clip below: